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Sordid Culture brings you a monthly exclusive podcast featuring worldwide talented artists that keep underground nightlife music alive through passion and dedication. Our sound is Deep, Driving, Flirtatious and never fails to deliver. If you love music as much as we do, you won't be let down.

Sordid Culture 016: Till Von Sein

Till Von Sein aka Sebastian Vettel might remind one of an urban jazz hustler with roots in the skateboarding and 90s hip hop culture. The Suol, Dirt Crew, and Morris Audio regular lets these influences transpire in both his productions and performances. One of his most popular release is the famous Sundowna EP which appeared on Supplement facts. In the last 3 years he has blown up and is once again touring the world spreading Tunes from city to city. Keep an eye out for his upcoming EP on Dirt Crew, a collaboration with Tigerskin featuring some late 90s acid beats. Tilly points out that some of his friends like catz n dogz already said "na man, that shits tooo housy for me..so i guess we did ok [;)] ..."

This mix showcases a fun and groovy underground sound, yet another to go on top of the Sordid Culture mantel. But that's just our opinion, he preferred to describe it as "just a buncha jams I digg right now mixed with some classic jams....njoy!"

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Sordid Culture 015: Santi Touch

For the first guest mix of 2012 we are crossing the pond to bring you a deep driving mix by London based owner of Eleflight Records, Santi Touch. His label has already featured releases by artists such as JT Donaldson and Thomas Stiller to name just a few and in the coming year, Eleflight Reocrds plans to release goodies by Chris Minus, Andreas Saag, and many others. This mix features some of Eleflight's upcoming releases as well as a few of Santi's own productions. Keep an eye out for "Danarchism - Remember The Time" with remixes from Nord Rhythm and Santi Touch. When asked about the inspiration behind this mix he simply stated that he "wanted to send his best feelings to the people of Chicago and of the whole world from my small studio in Central London!"

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Sordid Culture 014: Mantas Steles

Mantas Steles aka Goose Rabbit, has been on the rise in the Chicago House scene for the last 2 years. He is known for the attention he puts in the composition of his sets annd for being quite the life of the party. Mantas borrows from various genres such as Deep House, House, Disco, Experimental, and Indy as an outlet to express a feeling or a story that has been simmering under one of his stylish hats. If Jazz and Soul is for you, Episode 014 will hit home and is surely to be one for the books. Get excited!

Sordid Culture 013: Albert Stone

Berlin is commonly viewed as being the mecca for Electronic music. Not only because of its world renowned Clubs but also because the vast majority of superstar DJs who choose to make Berlin their home. What many overlook, is the pool of local DJs and Producers that are the true hidden gems of Germany. As we show you this week, Albert Stone is one who shines especially bright. He has been playing strictly vynils for 15 years now and has performed at most of Berlin's hot spots including Watergate, Berghain, and Katerholzig.

Sordid Culture 012: Secrets

Matt Abbott aka Secrets is the infamous interplanetary time traveler pushing after-hours disco to your kids on the blocks of Detroit. He's the psychic cult leader behind the promotional group, Gary Springs Hunting Club which has gained notoriety for stellar social gatherings and field expeditions such as "Shit Show", "Cream Pie 3000", and "Die Bitch. For Episode 012, Secrets throws down a mean Disco mix showcasing many rare edits and sounds that influenced early House music. Hide your girlfriends.

Sordid Culture 011: Daniela La Luz

Episode 011 features our second exclusive Live Set of the series. After Kate Simko, we are proud to introduce Daniela La Luz, a true musician and sweetheart from Berlin, Germany. Daniela has been working hard in the Studio over the years and has had releases on more than 6 respected labels. Her sounds can best be described as organic, driving, and deep. Daniela's first encounter with electronic music happened in 1995 as she met a soon to be friend, tINI (Desolat), who later inspired her to begin producing. Enjoy the voyage.

Sordid Culture 010: Roustam/Special Case

While we can't tell you much about the Red Square or those funny looking ice cream shaped buildings, we can tell you about a young Muscovite (think that's how you say it) who's been making leaps and bounds in the industry over the last few years. Roustam has recently signed his new trio project called Special Case with LA's notorious Culprit label and has been turning gigs left and right with some of the most respected artists in the world, including a personal favorite, Petre Inspirescu.

Sordid Culture 009: Stretford Dogs Club

Warning: a dangerous dog has evaded from its Manchester shelter. Animal Services considers him a "threat behind the decks" and "armed with classy deep house and rare house records". He is a co-founder of the Development Music gang which has released hits by Ethyl & Flori, Atjazz, Roman Fleischer, and many other criminals. We recommend that anyone who comes in contact with his music get down and boogie. We are offering you this podcast as evidence of his unstable pedigree.

Sordid Culture 008: Daniel Andres

This week we showcase an exclusive mix by Detroit's breakthrough DJ of 2011: Daniel Andres. His involvement in Detroit's Scene can be traced back to the early Departure and Control events and he's curently part of Stacey Pullen's Radio Skool collective. Daniel is one baaad mother f*cker behind the decks no joke. He builds his sets by pulling from his Detroit House, Disco, and Motown influences. When he throws down, the dancefloor fills, panties fall, and the crowd gets sweaty. Real proud to bring you this one!

Sordid Culture 007: Jason Patrick

Founder of the Chicago label Kelctik Recordings, Jason Patrick lays it all down for episode 007. Jason is one of the top Techno DJs in Chicago hands down. Yup, we said it. His technical abilities behind the decks constantly raise the standard for other local DJs. As this very special mix demonstrates, Jason is known for blending hypnotic techno with spacy deep house. As a label boss he gives opportunities to up and coming talent and world renowned producers such as Camea and Kate Simko. Enjoy!

Sordid Culture 006: Kate Simko

For those who don't know Kate, she is truly an innovative Producer and DJ that has been making great strides in the Techno industry. Hollering from Chicago, she is recognized as one of the standout dance music producers in the world. Her distinctive avant garde sounds are captivating crowds in places such as Berghain, Fabric, Mutek, and the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. We fell really special to showcase a unique Live set, Kate's specialty!

Sordid Culture 005: Sergio Santos

This week we take you to The Hub, Boston for an exclusive mix by the one and only, Sergio Santos. He has had a major role in shaping the unique genre of electronic music that is now associated to the city of Boston. Sergio has released music with the likes of Tanner Ross and Soul Clap. Believe the hype on this one and turn that volume knob way to the right, it's time to freak.

Sordid Culture 004: Dela

For this next one, we have the pleasure of featuring one of biggest contributors to the Milwaukee scene, Dela. Other the years Dela has become known for his sexy avant house and deep tech house sounds. This mix comes in perfect time for our hot summer nights and as this mix proves, you can't be Paco Osuna's label partner for Mindshake Records without some serious skills behind the decks.


Sordid Culture 003: Doron Eisenberg

On to Tel Aviv, a city where the underground house scene is that much harder to find. Fortunately, after a long investigation we discovered Doron Eisenberg, an all vinyl DJ and Co-Founder of the Legotek label based in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Doron brings the organic sounds of minimal music alive. Get ready to experience a musical journey that is truly in scarce supply.

Sordid Culture 002: Phillip Stone

After Detroit we move on strait to Chi Town. This hot and groovy mix was crafted by the hands of Phillip Stone, one of the most respected underground DJs in Chicago. Let's just say that if Funk and House had a baby, Phill would come out of the womb. In this podcast, Phill showcases his impeccable record selection spanning from rare classics to new unreleased material that you've probably never heard of. So put your phone on vibrate and close the blinds, it's time to dance naked.

Sordid Culture 001: Dan Bain

We are very proud to start off the Sordid Culture series in Detroit, MI. This truly amazing, sexy, and well rounded set by Dan Bain demonstrates the talent level that he possesses.This Paxahau resident has been DJing for thirteen years and he has one of the most diverse record collections around as you will soon hear. Not only is he a badass on the decks, he is also one hell of a good guy!